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Large Business

Saeco Idea Restyle Cappuccino is a serious office coffee machine, with features such as a double boiler and 3 water circuits to keep up with the demands of a small cafe or medium to large office.

This coffee machine is capable of making 150+ coffees a day but yet compact enough saving on valuable counter-top real estate.

The built in cappuccinatore draws milk straight from the milk carton or optional milk fridge to create the best cappuccinos and lattés.

The Saeco Idea can dispense up to 60 beverages an hour making it ideal for the busy office environment.

  • Choice of 12 beverages
  • Various recipes including a variety of coffee and fresh milk beverages
  • Twin boiler
  • Built-in coffee grinder
  • Plummed to water mains
  • Pre-ground coffee
  • Hot water for tea
Dimensions -  (W x H x D) 410mm x 720mm x 545mm
Weight -  57kg
Power supply -  15 amp
Water -  Mains water
Swivel steam wand -  Yes
Hot water wand -  Yes
One touch coffee | milk - Yes
Beverage selections -  12
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